I’m so glad you clicked over here. If you’re hear I suspect you clicked a little button that said you might be interested in learning a little bit more about my faith. I go to a Southern Baptist church down here in Arkansas. Now, don’t jump to conclusions here – we are not crazy like some people and we’re not mean like others. Being a Southern Baptist in Arkansas is all about God, faith, love, comfort, friendships, and of course, food! And while I go to a Southern Baptist church, I think the most important label that I can ever put on myself is that I am a sinner, born again and saved by the all empowered, awesome, totally incomprehensible to my mind, insane love of my God and the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. Can I get an amen?

My testimony isn’t one of those amazing, saved from the brink of a horrible life, kind of situations, but it’s mine and so special to me. I grew up in church and so I’ve always had a strong foundation of who Jesus is and the amazing sacrifice that He made for me. When I was 5 or 6 my friend, another Amanda if you can believe that, went to the front and prayed the prayer of salvation. Well, I knew that I needed to and I knew all the answers and so as a little child I went forward and did the same and then was baptized a few weeks later. Several years later I was at a youth conference as a teen and just had this nagging feeling the whole time. The speaker asked that if lightening was to strike our building right then if we knew where we would go. Being that we were in a airplane hanger with no walls in the middle of a loud thunderstorm (the event was almost canceled) it really hit home and I knew right then that I couldn’t say with 100% faith that I really understood what I was doing at a young age. Call it rededication, call it salvation, call it whatever, but that was the day that I prayed and knew in my heart that I was serving a risen savior who died for my sins and I knew where I would spend eternity.

Now as an adult I still attend church and work with the children’s department, young adult department, and choir very closely and love it. Christ has given me a peace about my life, a guide for me to follow, and the gift of eternal life that I could never have achieved on my own. I’ve stumbled, I’ve made mistakes, but I know that He’s always there, just waiting for me to turn back to Him. He never will leave me, no matter how many mistakes I make on the road home.

If you’re looking for the same, if you feel that need to put your faith in the amazing God of this universe, it is so easy and I urge you to  find a good Christ centered, Bible preaching church to attend with a pastor that you can talk with.

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