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Template Terms of Use

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By purchasing this product you agree that:

1. These products are intended to be used to create digital scrapbooking layouts, including quick pages for free or for sale using Manda Lane Scraps products, products from other designers (with their permission), and / or products that you create. If you intend to use these products for any other reason, you must contact me for additional licensing information and/or permission.

2. This Template license grants you permission to use my products in when creating digital scrapbooking creations for sale (under certain circumstances, see below) and for creating layouts for use in Creative Team requirements for Manda Lane Scraps or for other designers. I, Amanda Frazier, retain all rights to the actual product.

Thank you so much for purchasing my products!

Thank you for purchasing my commercial use products. I am so grateful that you have decided to use my work to create your kits.

These graphic files are the product of Amanda Frazier, of Manda Lane Scraps, and are protected by international copyright laws. Credit is appreciated when using my Commercial Use Items, but not required.

If you have any questions regarding these terms my creations then please do not hesitate to contact me (

You may:

1. Use these templates in the creation of layouts for Creative Team purposes with credit give to Manda Lane Scraps wherever / whenever possible.

2. Use these products to create personal use scrapbooking products (scrap for hire, holiday or announcement cards, etc) for a third party so long as the final product delivered has been flattened and is unique to each person.

a. When doing S4H or S4O projects, you may use these files or my designs to create non-editable .jpg’s or printed hard copies for one-of-a-kind Scrap-4- Hire projects for individual clients as long as you are creating the product and are not using quick pages sold by Manda Lane Scraps.

3. Use this product to create personal use digital scrapbooking quick pages for sale as personal use with your own products so long as not more than 50% off your pack is made from templates created by Manda Lane Scraps.

4. Create ONE back-up copy of these files NOT to be redistributed to anyone.

You may not:

1. Redistribute (by posting online or sharing) the actual files (original content) in any way.

2. Create an individual item to sell, for example, do not repackage and sell one (or more) template(s) from a pack created by Manda Lane Scraps as your own creation.

3. Create a commercial use product with this product, for free or to sell.

4. Create a style, brush, overlay, template, tube, or other product to sell as your own creation using this product, or use any shapes contained in these templates to create products for sell or for free.

5. Make alteration to graphics in any way that will take away the artistic integrity of the original creation or use this product in any obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or in a work prohibited by law.